Ryan’s karting career started in 2014, at age 9, after attending events at Circuit of the Americas and deciding that he wanted to race. After discussions with his dad and his own extensive research, they concluded that Karting is how most top-level car racers begin their career.

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Ryan started racing cadet karts at a track an hour from his home and within 18 months he was racing in his first Regional race. He then joined his first coach and team, Tim Lobaugh and Trackside Karting, in late 2016. Together they worked hard and Ryan won the 2017 Texas Sprint Racing Series (TSRS) Cadet Class Championship.

With the TSRS Championship under his belt and Tim’s support, Ryan went under contract with Trackside Karting and Compkart/J3 Competition for 2018. He raced as a X30 Junior in all SKUSA National events, SKUSA’s Texas Pro Kart Series (TPKC), USPKS-New Castle, Texas Sprint Racing Series (TSRS), and KA100 in SKUSA’s Super Nationals “SuperNat’s”. The year culminated with Ryan winning the 2018 Texas Sprint Racing Series (TSRS) X30 Junior Class Championship. The family also started GRHC Motorsports company to formalize what Ryan had stated as his motto when he first started in karting: Go Fast, Race Hard, Have Fun, and Cure Cancer.

In 2019, with the retirement of Tim Lobaugh, Ryan joined the Crosslink Competition team led by Sean Owens with Christian Boudon providing driver coaching and data expertise. With their guidance and mentoring, Ryan quickly took to his new Exprit (OTK) chassis and team as evidenced by his highest finishes ever in the first 2 months of the young year. He is looking forward to continued growth and movement up the national standings throughout the year, truly Going Fast, Racing Hard, and Having Fun, but that is not all that is new in 2019 for Ryan.

Ryan and his family have started a non-profit called Cure Laps. Its’ mission is to support charitable fundraising by racers and racing related organizations. Each racer or organization can focus their charitable efforts on a disease of their choice. In Ryan’s case, he has chosen to support research to find a cure for cancer because of his personal experience with family members that have been stricken and lost due to the disease. Look for Ryan and Cure Laps activities on their websites and wherever he and the family are racing.

Finally, Ryan’s progress and success in racing is supported by a growing number of sponsors that already include Guide North, Inc. and FSAE Parts. To continue to grow and be successful, now and in the future, Ryan needs Sponsors that want to leverage a relationship with a driver and his family that are committed to racing, non-profit works, and the sponsors’ success.



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