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Be Part of Ryan’s Business Experience!

When you invest in motorsports marketing, you want to work with a driver who knows what they’re doing both on and off the track. Ryan is disrupting traditional motorsports marketing with his outside-the-box approaches. He’s a driver who is able to be a fierce competitor on race weekends, and an effective Brand Ambassador every day of the week.

                            ~Mike Maurini, President, RTD Media

SAFE Investment
Wingman Sponsor
Referral & Affiliate Partner
SAFE (Simple Agreement for Future Equity) Investment to fund racing and business growth.
Custom Marketing solutions for businesses that want to tap into the $5BB Motorsports Market.
Partnerships that leverage the Team's Marketing and Sales Resources and Expertise.
Program combining sponsoring Ryan's racing and his nonprofit, Shehan Strong
Value Delivered
Future Equity Conversion and participation in profit distributions
Receive Marketing and PR services leveraging Motorsports.
We refer potential customers to our partners for a share of the revenue on the backend.
Combo passive Sponsor and Donor


Invest in this Racing Star’s Future

We want to share an exclusive investment opportunity. It not only promises to rev your financial engines but also offers you a front-row seat next to me in the exhilarating world of motorsports. Everything I’ve done for the past 10 years has been to position me for success in Formula One or IndyCar. This journey has been fueled by passion, speed, and an acute awareness that racing is a business. 

Own a Piece of the Business
Limited Shares Available
Team with a Rising Star

For a limited time, we’re offering the chance to invest in my dream through a Simple Agreement for Future Equity (SAFE).

With an investment of $10,000, you’re not just funding my track time; you’re turbocharging a business model designed for profitability, growth, and long-term equity conversion.

Your investment will supercharge our team, enabling extensive on-track testing, expanding our sponsorship and partner programs, and enhancing our marketing and sales efforts. Most important, you’ll gain an insider’s perspective on motorsports, experiencing the thrill and camaraderie that comes with being part of the team.

Whether it’s a phone call or a Zoom meeting, we would love to talk with you more about racing, the SAFE, business, and the philanthropic journey.

We’re committed to full transparency and eager to address any questions you may have. 

I’m just a phone call away:



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Motorsports Marketing Drives Results!

Businesses face the constant challenge of winning new customers and engaging their current ones to build brand loyalty. Traditional marketing can often lead to missed opportunities. We believe motorsports marketing offers creative ways for brands to stand out from competitors.

Trailored to Your Needs
Affordable Solutions
Team with a Rising Star

We customize sponsorships using combinations of the following benefits:

  • Brand Ambassador Relationships
  • Activation Events (incl. remote, on-site, & trackside)
  • Digital Advertising (incl. website & email marketing)
  • Social Media Promotions
  • Video (leveraging YouTube and/or Vimeo)
  • Logo Placements on the #66 car
  • Logo Placement on the driver’s suit and helmet
  • Trackside Hospitality (build customer relationships)

Innovative brands want to stand out from the crowd

The problem is, many businesses don’t understand how to unlock the power of motorsports marketing, which can make it so much easier to differentiate your brand from the competition.

Motorsports marketing has changed dramatically over the last 20 years

It’s no longer just a rich brand’s game.  Ryan Shehan Racing believes in the power of customized, affordable marketing solutions that increase customer engagement.

Getting Started on an amazing motorsports sponsorship is straightforward:

Step 1: Schedule a Cal

Step 2: Meet Ryan

Step 3: Rev Up Your Brand

    If you haven’t already downloaded our free eBook: “The Definitive Guide to Motorsport Marketing”.   Check it out now here.

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    We’re Grateful to our Current Wingman Sponsors!


    Leverage Ryan’s Marketing with a Partnership

    Businesses looking for ways to grow their market presence without a significant investment in Marketing and Sales resources can partner with Ryan Shehan Racing. We can grow your revenue and customer base by leveraging our resources and expertise.

    Discover Motorsports Marketing
    Build Your Referral Program
    Get Results with a Rising Star

    We partner with the top companies like these, add your name to the Team!:

    Harrison Noel Team

    Real Estate


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    Your Industry

    Partners Leverage our Marketing Channels

    The Referral and Affiliate Program was established when Ryan obtained his real estate license and a co-op partnership was established with RingSquared as the pilot offerings. The goal is to leverage RSR’s relationships that have been established through multiple marketing channels, including our Wingman participants (all products), social media, LinkedIn, email list, and other marketing channels.

    New Solutions are Constantly Leveraged

    Also, with the addition of the AdsPro advertising solution to our website in 2024, new tools being implemented, and strategic referral and affiliate partners coming on board, we see this program growing to be a strong revenue contributor by mid to end of 2024.

    Getting Started on an amazing partnership is straightforward. 

      • Step 1: Schedule a Call – Talk with our team and learn how together, we can take your sales and revenue to another level
      • Step 2: Meet Ryan – You’ll want to get to know the driver who’ll be collaborating with you on your marketing and sales. We think you’ll like him a lot.
      • Step 3: Rev Up Your Brand – Put your brand in position to win with a plan tailored for your goals and budget.

    If you haven’t already downloaded our free eBook: “The Definitive Guide to Motorsport Marketing”.   Get it now.

    Get started today by getting time on our calendar, emailing us, or calling with the button below!


    Today’s youth need support, engagement, and inspiration to pursue their dreams.

    Support the first Austin born and raised formula racer climbing the ladder to Formula One and his work off the track as a growing business leader and inspiration to young people.  You can have a direct impact on Ryan and a long-term impact on Ryan’s youth audience.

    Inspire the Next Generation
    Mentor a Growing Business Leader
    Team with a Rising Star

    Be a Part of Supporting and Inspiring the Next Generation

    The Challenge

    Inspiring today’s youth means giving them opportunities to see how others have overcome challenges in the past and learning from their experiences. Your experiences – and Ryan’s – can help young people discover new possibilities.

    How Can You Get Involved?

    We believe that when you mentor Ryan, you’re having a direct  impact on young people who are influenced by Ryan’s work ethic and ability to look beyond the barriers and find a way to win – to make dreams a reality.

    What’s the Plan?

    Step: 1. Become a Pathfinder

    Step: 2. Schedule your 10-minute Zoom interview – Share your experiences, challenges you’ve overcome, and the lessons learned

    Step: 3. Impact Ryan and his youth audience – Directly impact Ryan and his youth audience through your interview and mentorship

    So, contact us today to become a Pathfinder and make a difference!

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