Dear Douglas,

I am writing this letter in my quality of professional racing driver coach and mentor of my company established in August 1979 in the south of France, acting worldwide with successful athletes and students accomplishments at the highest level of our sport since the start. You might use it at your best convenience.

I discovered Ryan within the Crosslink racing team of Sean Owens from Dallas (Texas) during our first race on January the 10th of this year. I am contracted by the team to evaluate drivers and improve through all area possible their overall results.

After our second race ended on January the 20th  where Ryan achieved the best result ever of his young racing career at the highest racing level in USA, I need to report to you Douglas some specificities your son Ryan is gifted with:

– Ryan is a very mature, polite, easy to communicate with young teenager.

– Ryan has one of the quickest understanding of his data Analysis from a technical perspective I saw, the quickest one I witnessed in USA.

– Ryan during debriefing is acquiring from his previous session the items he needs to modify/improve to go faster, and is able to apply it immediately, this is also a very special talent

All that said, considering the final goal is to bring Ryan to a professional racing level and establish a racing driver career at the highest level, my wish for Ryan and his family is that they find enough resources to continue Ryan motor-racing education in similar condition as the current ones in all aspect. On a short/mid-term solid results will show-up and will please Ryan as well as all involved in his career.

Let me know if I have answered your questions and do not hesitate to question again as well as to comment.

Best regards.

Christian BOUDON

Boudon Competition
http://ccb-group.com/ Owner and Founder
http://www.christianboudon.com/  Info
+1 305 302 2989
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Guide North

Doug and Stephanie Shehan

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