PATHFINDER Pathfinder Program Inspire and Impact the Next Generation

Today’s youth need support, engagement, and inspiration to pursue their dreams.

Support the first Austin born and raised formula racer climbing the ladder to Formula One and his work off the track as a growing business leader and inspiration to young people.  You can have a direct impact on Ryan and a long-term impact on Ryan’s youth audience.

Team with a Rising Star
Mentor a Growing Business Leader
Inspire the Next Generation

Be a Part of Supporting and Inspiring the Next Generation

The Challenge

To do that, you need someone with passion and a real opportunity to engage today’s youth.  The problem is finding someone that appreciates your help and works to ensure your experience will make a difference.

How Can Ryan Help?

We believe your mentorship and sponsorship can impact Ryan’s racing, his business, and thus his influence and outreach to today’s youth.  We understand how hard it can be to make a difference, which is why Ryan is already working to do that at the age of 17.

What’s the Plan?

Here’s how we do it: 1. become a Pathfinder, 2. schedule your 30-minute Zoom interview 1-1 with Ryan that explores your experience and the lessons it brings to young people, and 3. have a direct impact on Ryan and a long-term impact on Ryan’s youth audience.  So, call us today at 833-6-RACING (833-672-2464) to become a Pathfinder.

Enjoy the following video of Ryan engaging and inspiring 800+ kids at Deerpark Middle School in Austin.

“We had the opportunity for Ryan Shehan to address our 800+ students at Deerpark Middle School with the goal of expanding their horizons and inspiring them. He spoke with our kids about how math, science, art, mental health and discipline are involved in something like Motorsports. Ryan also helped our kids learn how his team of engineers, coaches & trainers work together to help him succeed. He is a great example of a young person, close to their age, that is pursuing his dreams from an early age and we are very excited that Ryan will continue to impact and inspire young people in the Austin area.”

– Ruchi Messick, PTA President – Deerpark Middle School 2021-2022

“It has been an absolute joy working with Ryan Shehan this year. When we received the news that he would be willing to work with our campus to host an assembly about his F4 career, we were thrilled. Our staff created racing themed lessons tied to all core content and elective curriculum.

Ryan took the time to share about his journey to becoming a F4 racer. He was poised and clear in his communication and really inspired our students to think about their goals and ambitions. This was a fantastic opportunity for our students to learn about more than racing, because Ryan shared information about the science, mental health, fitness, and business areas that all support his career.

We were so lucky to have him visit and connect with our students. We hope he continues to develop as a racer and know he will do great things! “

– John Manning, Principal – Deerpark Middle School

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