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Ride with Ryan through his Rookie Season in F4

“We created Wingman to entertain and inspire people through my racing growth and success, on and off the track. Join me and my Crosslink Competition Team as we crisscross the country racing from coast-to-coast. We will provide special content, unique experiences, and opportunities to engage with me and the team throughout the season. Please sign up to be in the cockpit as my Wingman for this season, you won’t forget the ride!”

– Ryan Shehan, US F4 Championship Rookie in 2021


Experience Open Wheel Racing from the Inside!

See Open Wheel/Formula 1 Style racing from the inside, through the eyes of a 15 year old racer in his rookie season of the US F4 Championship Powered by Honda.  You will have behind the scenes access to see Ryan and the Crosslink Team in action through exclusive videos (on and off track), interviews, pictures, events, and more.

Ryan Shehan

Be Inspired

Experience what it takes to grow a racing career both on and off the track. See the work that Ryan and his team put in on and off the track as they build both the on-track and business side of motorsports together. As a Wingman, we guarantee you will be inspired!

Be Entertained

Follow Ryan, his family, and the team as they work, travel, and race across the country.  Experience first-hand the life of a 15 year old racer and those around him as they go through the ups, the downs, and the unique, behind the scenes, situations that are part of racing and now part of being a Wingman.

Be Engaged

Experience being totally immersed in Ryan’s rookie season in the US F4 Championship. We will provide video’s, interview’s, social media, unique experiences and events that no one else is doing.  Our goal is provide you with a better than F1 experience. Join now to get a copy of our free newsletter and become a Wingman today!

These are a Few of the Things We Offer

Every “Top Wing” and “Ace” level Wingman receives 2 free embroidered shirts and hats just for joining.  Each “Aviator” level Wingman receives one free embroidered shirt and hat for joining.  All three levels receive additional discounts on other merchandise and collectible items.

If your business is a Wingman, explore opportunities for Ryan to be your Brand Ambassador. As a Role Model for youth, he can link them and their families to your products and services.

Becoming a Wingman helps push a champion through the pipeline to the professional and world recognized level.

Meet with Ryan and his Crosslink Team.  We will be offering opportunities to engage the driver and members of his team in unique and direct experiences.

Every Wingman will have their name or logo displayed on the F4 car.  Higher levels of membership provide for special placement locations. 

Every Wingman will receive our digital Monthly Newsletter.  We will be recognizing our members in every edition so that we continue delivering value in as many ways as possible.

Wingman are invited to participate in our community of racing enthusiasts and supporters.   Find connections for racing and business opportunities.

Be one of the first to become a Wingman and be recognized as “Pathfinder”.  You will receive special opportunities and recognition.

Thought of something else that you would like to see as a perk of membership. Let us know when you hit the “I want to be a Wingman” button.

“As one of our 18 nominees for the Mazda Club Racing Factory Team, Ryan further showed us that he is the total package. Ryan and his family have continued to work hard to drive value to his current partners and add new ones for his exciting 2021 racing season. Ryan understands that the business side of motorsports is as important as his on-track performance. We wish him luck as he moves into competition in the US F4 Championship and grows his presence of the #ShehanStrong brand both on and off the track.”

David Cook, Manager, Mazda Motorsports Business Development

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